Shootout camera Huawei GR5 2017 Galaxy J7 Prime and Oppo F1s


In the year 2016 the segment of the middle class phone old and new to testify the fierce competition of many names. In addition to optimizing the performance, recharge time, the company also pays special attention to the camera, one of the most important factors that influence the buying decisions of users.

GR5 2017 Huawei, Samsung Galaxy Prime and Oppo F1s J7 3 most prominent names in the phone segment real 6,000,000 price range today. All three machines are manufacturers focused on the promotion and remarkable camera functions. With Huawei GR5 2017 this smartphone pair of camera dual 12MP and 2MP aperture f / 2.2 with the ability to erase fonts, blur the background, taken before the focus, Fake set aperture from f / 16 to f / 0.95, previously the factors only for high-end products. The machine of the front camera has 8MP resolution with a large aperture of f / 2.0.

On J7 Galaxy Prime, Samsung 13MP main camera and equipped with 8MP camera with a large aperture of f / 1.9 promises to improve the ability to shoot in low light.

But in F1s Oppo the manufacturer mainly focus on the front camera with 16MP resolution on a large aperture aperture of f / 2.0, while the 13MP camera rear only to f / 2.2.

VnReview a detailed comparison of the three computer camera in many light conditions and different shooting situations. The photo was taken comparisons are taken in automatic or HDR, auto focus measurement at the same place and each catches 3 plate to choose the best photos. Readers can click on any image to see original size.

Back to the article in the article, the price of the Galaxy J7 Prime also Huawei GR5 6.290.000 in 2017 and the same as F1s Oppo 5.990.000. Our products are derived from the yellow mobile system. Therein, the Galaxy has installed many gifts J7 Prime, if the desired product does not take presents only 5.440.000. Oppo F1s also similar prices and Huawei also 5040000 700000 GR5 2017 without liquid funds on copper price was 5,290,000.

[Description of the Three Machines]

[Description of the Three Machines]

[1945901] [1945901] [1945901] [1945901] [1945901] In conditions bright enough, All three machines are for images with sharp details and high, well block well. Cropped image 100% in the middle can be seen the Galaxy J7 Prime clarity and detail in the highest, followed in 2017 and on the last place is GR5 Oppo F1s.

However, sharpening, separation at the corner of picture details and areas with many small details like the canopy of minor J7 Prime GR5 2017. Perhaps due to a large aperture of f / 1.9 to Samsung products difficult to get on the edge The image more definition. Oppo F1s continue to take the last place at the corner sharpness when they zoom in the picture.

Another advantage of Huawei GR5 2017 compared to 2 remaining opponents shoot ability "delete fonts" thanks to a secondary camera to integrate. The "delete fonts" most effective for portraits. It allows selection of the "background remove" through the aperture of f fake setting / 0.95 to f / 16, and select the focus point after shooting. However, sharpness, detail slightly worse than color cameras frequently used, though, remain bright stripes.


When the light is weak, sharpness and detail of the three machines remain passable. J7 Prime initially ranked on the definition, Huawei ranked second at the bottom of the GR5 2017 and Oppo F1s.


The color, white balance, contrast

] In the color to regenerate, contrast, in the bright light, the image of J7 Prime push-up warm tones, so that the picture looks brighter with contrast is very high, but is something slightly exaggerated, unnatural picture caused. GR5 2017 and Oppo F1s color reproduction close to reality, in the representative of Huawei slightly better with higher contrast, for tones darker, slightly dark even Oppo for pale colors and brighter, but the contrast low.

For situations with many colors green leaves, J7 Prime pale sounds give away a lot, something lifeless. GR5 Oppo 2017 and retains its high F1s with renewable natural color, Huawei are slightly better with unequal tones in the picture all details, both bright and dark areas.

Huawei 2017 GR5 continue to develop the force "background" when the image to develop more depth. However, in the above scenario, far removed from actors lens effect font is not really strong, the machine is also slightly sharp both to delete the intersection between subject and background.

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<p style=  <img alt= [1945936] .vn / images / 16/17/13 / 1617136.jpg? T = 1484389321633 "src =" "style =" width: 670 pixels; Height: 503px; "In situations, in low light with yellow light, mainly from the pear hair, the Huawei GR5 in 2017." In 1945, For color accuracy the most stable, not yellow-haired of light. J7 prime in some situations renewable standard colors, but especially for the echo texture gold. Oppo F1s re color deviations generate much haunted, heavily damaged.

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[1945950] [19459506] [1945950]


In most situations, images of J7 prime uniformly best luminosity left over to 2 opponents. The advantage of the great opening helps to get Samsung products more light. Photo of Samsung also very aggressive noise reduction should look clear, although the details blur will increase, plastered to each other.

2017 Photo of GR5 often darker and somewhat loud, but all the more separation, obviously not so much noise reduction. The image "delete fonts" in poor light conditions is decreasing according to heavy particles, detailed.


Oppo F1s for photos with luminosity quite, but less detailed, shake-free pictures, noise appears very heavy particles.

[1945964] [1945965]

Differences of light, with background lighting (HDR)



In situations difference bright, with background lighting if not HDR, photos GR5 2017 leads best with light strip width allows to get more details, harmonious balance both bright and dark areas. Photo "background removal" of 2017 also keep the strip GR5 good morning. Prime J7 ranked No. 2 with less light bar, usually in the morning and light tire F1s last place with the worst light bar, light heavy tire in the lights and detail loss, grain noise in dark areas.

When you activate HDR, photos J7 Prime improves significantly the most, good balance, more information to maintain the brightness in dark areas, and completely overcome the phenomenon of light tires in the morning gap. HDR image of 2017 GR5 does not improve much, but still better than the F1s with low-quality HDR images, poorly detailed, fading of colors.

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photo self-employed on the skin beauty medium

photo selfie background lighting beauty of the skin off

With the focus on investment in the previous camera, selfie pictures of remarkable quality For Oppo F1s as 2 opponents in all situations. The photos take selfie of F1s very detailed, very high sharpness, natural colors, wide brightness range. In difficult situations, such as background lighting, retains its high F1s. Huawei also said 2015 GR5 selfie photos with good quality, bright colors, but sharpness, details still far F1s. J7 Prime worst takes selfie photo, color faded, distortion-free detail.

All three machines built for the beauty regime are faces for the front camera. F1s continues to lead when beauty regimes are very effective. Only the skin is gripped to smooth, brighter white, while details such as the eyebrows, eyelashes, lips retain good sharpness. Further, 2 in 2017 with beautiful skin mode relatively constant, not smooth face, excessive space. J7 Prime still ranked as an unnatural face, also "virtual", detail, skin sunk again.


Combined with the main camera behind each machine has its own strengths and weaknesses. In bright light, the Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 for the screen, the best, but the color is somewhat extravagant excesses, causing the phenomenon to fade, fade. Photos of J7 Prime in medium light in the range but HDR mode work efficiency brightness and picture quality strip significantly improved. In low light, sharpness, details of J7 Prime reduced by slightly stronger noise reduction algorithm hand, but good image brightness, picture clarity.

With Huawei GR5 2017 images of the machine definition, detailing right, color accuracy, contrast stability, in particular light strip width, balance and much detail both in the difference gain light and dark. Photo of GR5 2017 weak light also of good quality, noise protection, detailed and stable definition. However, the brightness of the image often darkens reality. The biggest advantage of the GR5 in 2017 from the camera "extinguishes fonts" with good quality, sharpening depth, fit portrait. However, users should delete the fonts only moderately and shooting in bright enough to select if not all can be sharply removed, details of losing artifacts.

The F1s Oppo, color pictures, but detail, sharpness, contrast only inadequate. Recordings with low light ability limitations, image noise often heavy particles, blur. Bands of bad light and HDR mode sometimes do poor picture quality.

Also with front camera, Oppo F1s for much better photos J7 Prime and GR5 2017. Both in bright light and little light, pictures "take a selfie" from the Oppo phones are sharp, detailed and skin color reproduction, contrast surpasses 2 competitors of Samsung and Huawei.

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