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Field Latitude Dell's capital segmented line for business and technology, likes lasting coating alloy supports robust expand, with more features, but is not very Beautiful design, often bulky and heavy. Perhaps the Dell philosophy continues to put into laptops running its latest Haswell chips Dell Latitude 3440

 Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/ 96/66 / 966619.jpg? T = 1392978719257 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 366px; "The configuration of the Dell Latitude 3440 is quite good, 1.6 GHz processor architectural concrete machine uses Intel Core i5-4200U CPU 4th generation clocked Haswell Intel's newest, memory 4GB DDR3, HDD 500 GB capacity. The machine is equipped with a dual graphics card, includes a graphics card integrated Intel HD graphics and a discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT 740M solution 2 GB VRAM. Note that DDR3 in addition to 1 bar 4GB, machine rest a slot RAM to your memory upgrades if necessary. </p>
<p> Dell Latitude 3440 comes in two versions, a version of Windows 7 Windows 7 Pro and Pro sales and a version 8 Pro Windows. The version, the VnReview of this assessment is the version running prices in Vietnam ranging from 14 to 15,000,000 (prices in the US released 512 USD, ie stock ng 11 million). </p>
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<p> Unlike the refined design luxury that Dell is trying to reposition the brands for laptops spectrum, the latest information inspired Inspiron line towards more upscale experience, eg Inspiron14 Inspiron 7000 series or 3000 series that VnReview 11 had the opportunity to experience. The first impression with which the Dell Latitude 3440 is held with the "normal" with Grauton, a little "rough" feel and quite heavy compared to the size of its 14-inch screen. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967705.jpg?t=1393041845636 "style =" width: 600px; Height:. 376px; "</p>
<p> intact system brand identity, the Dell logo chrome shining in the middle of the highlight on the color attached to the color of the metal metal Outside with an air layer coated with metal rim black color. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967709. ? Jpg t = 1393041845636 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 320px; "</p>
<p> It is divided into color and form different paints, but a total of partial enclosures surrounded by a metal layer characteristics of the latitude line, to strengthen the machine to prevent collisions. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967733.jpg?t=1393041845637 "style =" width: 600px; height: 290px; "/> </p>
<p> Camera and LED status and microphone are at the top of the screen limit use for video conferencing </p>
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Bottom in the center of the screen border is Dell logo.

What I understand is a little difficult for Dell designer companies to "dock" all alone in the joint, possibly to increase the battery capacity or strengthened for hinges of the machine, yet quite rough pile. The power switch is in the usual position still arranged

 Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967721.jpg?t= 1393041845637 " Style = "width: 600px; Height: 312px; "</p>
<p> The left side of a slot contains Kingston lock port, slot, audio jack, power lifter, Ethernet port, VGA and two USB 3.0 ports to lock </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/66/966603.jpg?t=1392978719257 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 356px; "/> </p>
<p> The right side of an optical drive is arranged to read DVD / CD and a USB 2.0 port Or external display devices. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/66/966607.jpg?t=1392978719257 "style =" width : 1945px; </p>
<p> is adjacent to the sides and the front edge of this surface is slightly rounded and curved sides machine layout of ports, slots radiator and caressingly beveled slightly forward, in the ground in front of the machine SD additional memory card slot, at the corner 4 small LED status display must be arranged when in use. </p>
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altogether, although the construction of the machine sets the "cattle" line of Latitude and Dell has to inherit, But in my opinion, the machine design is not really big in size and slightly roughly appealing "" contradicts the trend of "thin" of today.

attached to it is attached with metal housing and metal rim, so the machine can say is heavier than The laptop has the same screen size.

 Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967737.jpg?t=1393042509376 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 317px; "</p>
<p> Behind the machine nothing remarkable except a" floating dock "has worked to support the enormous machine radiator and make it easier to manipulate to make the keyboard (knockout) together with this is a specification table basic values Of the product </p>
<p> One thing is quite strange that despite having only 2.1 kg of weight, but when I hold the camera in your hand and you feel much heavier details of the machine manufacturer.When you put it to the table, The weight of the machine even lighter than the published specifications, the actual machine weighs only 2.0 kg.Specified when the feeling of the metal sheath is clothed with dark colors make us than the actual weight hard to touch ] <strong> Screen </strong> </p>
<p> Equipped screen panels TN roughness LED, HD resolution of up to 1600×900 pixels can be said Dell Focus rather on quality latitude of screens with high resolution 3440. In addition, they must admit that the color of the screen Dell Latitude 3440 is a good alignment, color screen honest and saturation and good contrast. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/65/966591.jpg?t=1392978719256 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 380px; "/> </p>
<p> to keep the tradition of quality screen, except the screen of the Latitude 3440 is the kind of screen abrasive and less the color changes in different dark to go dark on the other side of the sight when look of the page. However, the feeling is 14 of the 7000 series on the screen of the Dell Inspiron I had the opportunity to ever experience not "lost" despite the contrast better, probably due to the color Latitude 3440 realistic. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/65/966599.jpg?t=1392978719256 "style =" text-align: center; Width: 600 pixels; Height: 310px; "Not too big, but enough for normal use /> </p>
<p> to open 120 degrees angle of the screen, but there is a minus point, the perspective of the machine is not very wide, so there are few specific </p>
<p> Keyboard and touchpad </strong> </p>
<p> Similar to the last dell laptops, the keys are light weight and swimming boards as well as the quite well.But in comparison to the laptop- Segment and size, the Latitude 3440 keyboard is quite small, so Dell is large enough to create distance between the keys trying to distinguish easily, but that simply makes the input fingers slide in between 2 of 2 key slots and you have a little bit Take time to get used to this keyboard design </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/66/966643.jpg?t=1392979012979 "Style =" width: 600px; height: 343px; " /> </p>
<p> Keyboard is painted black shark, a little compared to the background, under which black and dark shadow as well as the body alloy are coated separately are galvanized painted quite polished. A point unfortunately the keyboard of the Latitude without the LED makes it easier to manipulate on laptops, other business owners how often in the dimly lit environment. </p>
<p style=  review Laptop Dell Latitude 3440 "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967729.jpg?t=1393041845637 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 331px; "</p>
<p> The touchpad has a moderate roughness and good size, a good sensitivity should help comfortable and convenient to manipulate, overall with the touchpad of Latitude 3440. I am happy </p>
<p> <strong> Speakers and sound quality </strong> </p>
<p> Latitude 3440 equipped with stereo speakers with 2 speaker layout at the front, fairly discreet location : The sound quality of the speakers at a moderate level and The Waves MaxxAudio 4 audio system, which Dell frequently developed recently in their laptops, deepened the bass with warm and channeled channels completely. At the movie Bourne Ultimatum (2007) I could hear the noise window glass shattered into pieces in the firing line The wind blowing in the air freezing outside road … But it is a very regrettable that the volume of the machine but a bit small has increased to the maximum. However, laptops serve for work and office, which is the concern is not worth it. </p>
<p> Software and Warranty </strong> </p>
<p> Dell Latitude 3440 laptop, VnReview preinstalled Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with the rules experienced n along with the driver and utility software from Dell , Perhaps Dell understands the customer's psychology, while some people are still not ready to switch to Windows 8, so they have a time 2 version of Latitude 3440 with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and Windows 8 Pro (64-bit ). If necessary, you can easily upgrade the operating system via the optical drive / USB / …. In general, I do not complain about this choice because Windows 7 Pro will also do the daily work of you fully and completely when you are new, you should choose Windows 8 Pro version, but that Wndows 8 still optimized for the touch screen more. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/78/967823.jpg?t=1393043987631 "style =" text-align: center; Width: 600 pixels; Height: 377px; "</p>
<p> As with other Dell laptops, the Latitude 3440 utility software such as Dell Touchpad Dell, Dell Backup & Recovery, Dell Webcam … [19459005integriertist] </p>
<p> comes naturally What is the only one Charger and a warranty of 12 months. The Dell Latitude 3440 is equipped with a microprocessor core i5 -. 4200U fourth generation, Haswell's architecture has the latest sound specification, the processors consume very little power and two runs with hyperthreading mode (hyper-threading at) around 1.6GHz. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/78/967839.jpg?t=1393044304690 "style =" Width: 600 pixels; Height: 363px; "These processors naturally benefit from the improvements to the architecture of Haswell /> </p>
<p> so you do not worry if you watch the clock of it at such a low level because processors have the opportunity to take advantage of turbo- Function to take the clock to push up to 2.6GHz maximum level faster than many chipset before you get the Ivy Bridge architecture. </p>
<p> In addition, the machine is equipped with a dual graphics card, 1 integrated Graphics Intel HD Graphics with office tasks to work gently and 1 discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M capacity 2 GB of memory to make the entertainment and graphics difficult to meet, it automatically turns into the mode graphics cards to correspond to the processing tasks, unfortunately discreet Graphics this integration only works at 64-bit bandwidth. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/78 /967831.jpg?t=1393043987632 "style =" width: 600px; Height:. 325px; When performance with PCMark 8 measurement, the machine reached 2824 points While 3DMark Vantage is trying to v.1.0, has more than 5,900 points machine, this is when the relatively high compared to 3483 points Of the Dell Latitude 6430u we had ever had the opportunity to evaluate before. The level of the high scores is mainly thanks to the power of the discrete graphics card Geforce GT 740M with a capacity of VRAM 2GB with microhaswell processor of the machine. </span> </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/78/967807.jpg?t=1393043987631 "style =" width: 600px; Altitude: 346px; "/> </p>
<p> to the performance of the machine in the results with Cinebench R11.5 program, OpenGL point reached 53.23 frames per second and point by point processor 226 tested to show continued. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/78/967811.jpg?t=1393043987631 "style =" width: 420px; height: 379px ; </p>
<p> The machine uses HDD Seagate 500 GB and speed of 5200rpm Actual tests have shown that only through mechanical hard drives with HDD should read speed record. It is only insufficient or 92MB / s and 90 MB / s , Which is equipped in the high-end models is lower than the solid-state drive (SSD), however, for the price and configuration well, as this work "sacrificed" SSD HDD is possible, also acceptable </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http will // vnreview.vn / Image / 96/78 / 967815.jpg t = 1393043987631 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 450px; "[>] </p>
<p style= Photos of Latitude 3440 sales of webcams in the office environment (form capture: Steven I)

Webcam 0.9MP 720p quality of the machine in Average somewhat dark image seems exaggerated and softened, but for the task of conversational video entertainment or work still adequate.

 Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/ "In addition, Dell also integrates webcam utility and editor processing." In addition, Dell also integrates webcam utility and editor processing Even in applications Dell Webcam Central </p>
<p> experiences, such as the ability .Toer and speed WiFi is nothing to complain by using standard connection standards and meet the needs of normal use in full. </p>
<p> <strong> Battery temperature Atur and Loudness </strong> </p>
<p> battery 6 cells of the plant with a capacity of 40 Wh and chips Haswell should be Dell Latitude 3440 the manufacturer is able to expect almost 7 hours of use to resist, continuously, and of course This is a fairly impressive level of price class and segment. </p>
<p> Current tests showed the battery performance of the machine is very impressive, namely ti HD movies directly on the machine in full use and noise level of 50% in the office environment (conditioned) watch, after an hour fell the batteriestand From 100% to 85%, the machine maintains stable and strong enough to be 2-3 films (per length of 90 minutes to 150 minutes / set range), ie, cylindrical battery about 5 hours when you watch movies and games Observe 6 sounding when they repeatedly use the common tasks, even when used in moderation, the machines meet the whole day working in the office (8 hours). </p>
<p> However, remember that the battery consumption is also associated with the temperature, so if you use it in a hot environment as batteries sink faster. When making online HD movies, the machine falls a little faster due to staying as well as Adobe Plash Player Plugin connected and load data to make hot running machine. Especially when offline HD movies, machine is operated at 53 degrees Celsius temperature, even when watching movies online, the machines increased 55 degrees Celsius </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 laptop review "src =" http: /vnreview.vn/image/96/78/967803.jpg?t=1393043987631 "style =" width: 483px; Height:. 500px; With the Cinebench R15 benhmark run with a temperature of up to 62.5 degrees, the Cinebench R15 can be used with a variety of CPUs or discrete GPU (GeForce 740M), which means that the machine is no longer "cool" Celsius to increase, while with Testfuturemark 3DMark difficult or 3DMark Vantage Pro v.1.0 Pro V.1.1, the temperature of the machine rose to 70.5 degrees C. The temperature level is still acceptable, but remember the machine in an environment With air conditioning running. So if you use your computer to play games, you need to pay attention more system layout or external coolers to put it in a cool place. </p>
<p> Note added due to the body temperature metal should be transferred to the housing, and you will immediately feel an air rise This also spot keyboard, this causes the feeling discomfort a little when you play games or use graphics strongly Continuously for a long time. </p>
<p> Score liked me more machine operation is relatively quiet, the noise level is almost negligible, even if heavy load tasks such as 3DMark Vantage. No matter whether you immediately feel the hot air feeling from the slit side of the device dramatically increased, but the noise level only at a very low level and completely with the "quiet" comfortable that brought the machine in lip school office. </p>
<p> Instead of epilogue </strong> </p>
<p> If one says about Latitude 3440 on a good level of machine configuration says compared with a series of money, especially the processor architecture with Haswell equal the storage capacity of the Geforce GT 740M discrete graphics up to 2GB, the machine is enclosed in a frame and metal case quite sure, display honesty and sharp. Dell Latitude 3440 the actual performance fair enough to meet the tasks of entertainment medium as well as the daily work to meet you, especially the battery life of the machine is quite good and low noise is an advantage. </p>
<p style=  Dell Latitude 3440 Laptop Review "src =" http://vnreview.vn/image/96/77/967725.jpg?t=1393044556462 "style =" width: 600px; Height: 308px; "</p>
<p> Up until now, do not understand why I increase to the lines of business notebook such as Latitude the recent Dell the aesthetics and design of the Inspiron line, while that does not apply and Latitude namely 3440. In addition The home entertainment needs, as it seems, the machine over the speakers are slightly smaller and it lacks the HDMI connector. </p>
<p> usually range from 14 to 15 million, the Dell Latitude 3440 is a worthwhile option if you do not require a laptop thinner or design aesthetics. Machine for techies and entrepreneurs, providing a high stability and durability when operating at high intensity. However if you prefer a woman or those who prefer elegant design and thinner, perhaps this is not the optimal choice. </p>
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