Rated Nokia 3: Good design, name rest only


After a few years, "sell" for Microsoft and then sold with long-term US software, widely brand Nokia for investors And new direction.

No more brand 100% Finland, today Nokia as company FIH Mobile (by Foxconn, Taiwan) production and is managed by Global HMD (Finland). The first product of the new Nokia Nokia is the Trias 3, 5 and 6 are the Android operating system and is a cheap phone or mid-range driver.

price of 3.000.000, Nokia 3 received a lot of attention, common configurations with MediaTek chips, the design is very robust and Android OS 7. Does the rest Aspects of this handset has relatively good value for money and Nokia brand, invite readers to track reviews. [Nokia9] has a good design compared to price class, part aluminum frame brings feelings very much Robust feeling. The combination of aluminum and the rear edges of plastic polycarbonate 2.5D curved glass and can make many people think the Lumia 925truoc make here one of the most beautiful plants of the Lumia line.

If a closer look at the details, the Nokia 3 still shows good editing possibilities. Micro USB slot and headphones are plastic lining, knob thickness and bouncing reasonable, beautiful 2.5D glass, metal details are exquisitely processed. Details "creak" only when pressed on the back, could feel the gap between the plastic housing and internal components.

Metal frame feels stiff, more advanced Nokia 3

Machine supports the simultaneous use of two SIM card and microSD card

With a 5-inch screen, the size of Nokia 3 is quite small and suitable for those who like Light machine. Nokia 3 with 4-color options, including two-color black and blue are less frequent white machine, pink gold trim. These colors will fit many user objects rather than the color of the line striking Lumia. The entire design is the plus point of the Nokia 3 with a combination of materials that finishing well and looks Lumia before

Overall design is one of the most lauded Nokia 3rd material, the perfection of the machines are superior compared to the same price class phone. Nokia 3 retains the same design features with high-end Nokia Lumia phone. If before cheap Lumia buyers are often only certain models of youthful design, colorful appearance, the Nokia 3 "only for adults" than, everyone can use.

The screen and sound

The screen of the Nokia 3 sizes of 5 inches, HD resolution 1280 x 720. If you are looking for a large-screen phone, the screen will be good entertainment Nokia 3 a bit small, do not need to use. No high-resolution, high contrast image is not impressive. The advantages of this screen size is in line with the small hands, short fingers.

The sound quality is not outstanding, but the sound familiar many memories for fans Nokia

can excite hands-free quality on this phone Is nothing to say, but the familiar sound notification will be very special for those who stay with Nokia phones. Since turn on the paragraph minus 5 pitches familiar, tone notifications, phone rings and message will evoke emotions with the old Nokia.

Both Nokia Camera 3 has a resolution of 8 MP. After the use of the Kameralinse f / 2.0 sensor size micron 01.12 remains before also camera lens f / 2.0.

Camera software of the machine is quite bad, the interface quite distorted on the small screen, and the attitude inside is even worse because all the letters and has many translation errors dumb, as the word "Thuy press water "" Is translated from the phrase ". Shutter speed, flows or transmits between fairly slow.

Although the experience is not good software, but Nokia's photo quality was in order 3. The Color of the picture is quite natural, especially at night shots and where electric light. Of course, if you look at photos in large format, the picture quality is not high, grain is less and sunk, but if you look only at small, when viewed in a social network, the mobile screen, the beautiful colors will make more subjects.

The light band of the picture is not very wide , So when taking pictures outdoors sunny, it is difficult to be more present. This can be improved with HDR mode, HDR recording speed is also very fast, can be compared with the more expensive machine.

Front camera of the Nokia 3 provides a beauty when you choose this mode the machine simultaneously store two images, with and without work beautiful. However, you can not adjust the level of beauty, and the beauty effects tend to be artificial, not natural.

performance, battery and software

The configuration including MediaTek 6737 chip, 2GB of RAM, then perhaps users do not have to wait for good performance on Nokia 3. Performance actually Energy consumption of the configuration, the simple tasks are not a problem, but if you open multiple tabs in a browser, the slow processing machine. Trimmer machines are sometimes when you use the app and on the main screen, which feels quite unpleasant.

Limit configuration makes the performance of Nokia 3 stop at an acceptable level with basic tasks and does not meet the game severity

Performance rating Score with the software also reflects the hardware of the machine. If you want to use the game, you'll need to accept the drowning power, not smooth frame rate.

on Nokia Battery 3 is only enough for a day when low intensity is used. If your computer over the web and social networks over mobile networks, photography, light gaming to surf … then my Nokia rule 03.00 head of the weak battery alarm. Perhaps the 2630 mAh battery capacity is not sufficient to ensure comfortable usage time. When outside the screen costs about 1% per hour, with an acceptable level Android phone. In the framework of the review of standard battery from VnReview, the results of Nokia 3 also inferior with the. (19459006)

Most of the competitors in the same price class.

[19459323] In relation to the software, version of Nokia do not have many specific features. It uses software Android is almost original, simple interface, intuitive and no software "junk" preset. Version 7 preinstalled Android also some new features such as split screen brings in parallel, set the display size or installed quickly in the notification bar.

On this phone you will find only 3 functions separately HMD Global can include features, enabled in the gesture and movement in the installation directory. Specifically, these are the features that you press the Home button twice to open the camera app, capsized machine to reject a call or pick up the handset to close the call volume.

As mentioned above, due to the weak sometimes configuration software Nokia 3 stopped, Lod. This is a common problem with the machine configuration requirements

The stability of the software is also praiseworthy. In the process of using Nokia 3, we rarely encounter the phenomenon of application crashing, press stop halfway. Some manufacturers in developing new software on Android, including stalwarts like Blackberry may also experience unstable software problems. This phenomenon is simpler than in the machine with low profile, same price class with Nokia 3.


Perhaps the most impressive of Nokia 3 is so designed and. .. Names. The machine is, sharp outlines, the material looks stable and still little identity of the Nokia Lumia before. Camera but somewhat bad in software, but also the picture quality on an acceptable level. Also, the message is a little familiar sounds and evoke the feeling of using a Nokia mobile phone in the past.

The other elements of Nokia 3 offers nothing special. The screen is not nice, minimalistic software, but due to the weak machine configuration is problematic right that when used. The battery of the handset will not bring a long-term use of time, just enough for the average intensity of the day. Anyway, if only the basic needs and favorite brand Nokia, the phone is still the choice of stabilization in the segment below 3 million.

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