Father Android apologize for asking khoáy left with the most recent previous smartphone


Andy Rubin, who was dubbed as the “father” of the Android operating system, had to apologize to those who pre-ordered the first smartphone due to his company built for a left khoáy requirements for them.

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the company Essential, by Mr. Rubin founded and served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), asked the guests reached the row before the first smartphone to offer their driver information via email to the address c only ship. Mr. Rubin has recently voiced the apology about the incident on the blog page.

“the father” Android starts the message sorry by grievances about how “thousands of little decisions” are given out daily. He calls requirement who pre-ordered smartphone Essential to provide information about a driver for manufacturers is “shameful” and insisted he must personally responsible for this error.

Mr. Rubin then confirmed near 70 customers were affected because of the left khoáy on request. The Essential commitment to atone by offering 1 year using LifeLock privacy service free for these people to prevent the risk of them stealing your identity.

According to the “father” of Android, the company Essential will also disable “accounts have vulnerabilities” to prevent people from accidentally sharing personal information with the company’s other customers. Mr. Rubin also promised to invest in the infrastructure and customer service of the company.

Mr. Rubin does not provide more information about how the company Essential will modify the authentication request shipping information. However, he warned people to think carefully before sharing any personal information via email.

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