Samsung ém rows, not for the most recent prior version Note best in America 8 Galaxy


Samsung are for pre-order Galaxy Note 8 in many countries of the world. However, the South Korean technology hitters supposedly are deliberately “ém” when temporarily introduced version 2017 phablet best in the US market.

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according to sources, Samsung intends sold about 700,000 air Galaxy first month 8 Note. Song, users will only be for the most recent version of the previous “boring”.

Many large network retail companies and electronic equipment in the United States posted the announcement to sell Galaxy Note 8. However, the machine was released only two in black and gray. More importantly, American users cannot find the version of your own memory 128 GB or 256 GB in the stores in the country, although they can still get a free 128 GB memory cards.

Meanwhile, fans air flow Note in South Korea will be much excited to be approached enough attractive colors of the Galaxy Note 8, including version of deep blue (Deep Blue Sea) brand-new. They can also buy air phablet 2017 with the largest in memory 256 GB.

News1 in South Korea, in late August, Samsung has provided enough sources for the publishers to reach 700,000 air target Galaxy Note 8 to the market. 60% of the available supply is your version with 64 GB of internal memory and all the rest is the air version with 256 GB of internal memory.

In terms of color, 64 GB model will up the shelves with the deep sea blue (Deep Blue Sea), dark Black (Midnight Black) and Orchid grey or Purple smoke (Gray). Meanwhile, 256 GB version just released deep sea blue and black shadow.

cause curiosity is, the selling price for the specific model Galaxy Note 8 has yet to be announced. Samsung announces new price for the device in the U.S. is $929.99. The airline also did not disclose the 128 GB version will sell and how much with 256 GB.

In Korea, the customers can order before Galaxy Note 8 from July 7-14/9. The machine will be officially released on June 15/9.

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