The hero saved the girl 3 years hovering under Rails 4th floor condo


a daughter 3 years suspended solids trapped between the iron bar railing 4th floor apartment who witnessed a phen.

Witnessing this spectacle, the man named Chen Fangyong quickly climb to the third floor window to the building to hold the girl waiting for rescue teams to arrive.

 a Play

in the end, she was also the rescue workers rescued safely.

The incident occurred in a condominium in the towns of Xiaogan, Hubei Province, China, 27/8.

“at that, I’m not thinking of anything other than to save the baby girl he immediately”, the hero Chen Fangyong said then.

 The moment escaped death when ownership hy truck dragged 6 m escape moments > died when useful hy truck dragged 6 m

a man driving motorbike escaped death after being the owners hope truck pulled up and crumpled near the Gore dozen meters above the road.

 Bandits were female employees of gun recoil in the blink of an eye > bandits were female employees of gun recoil in the blink of an eye

A female sales employees the row has quickly jerks are the gun of the bandits while she handed the money to him.

 Action horror of a woman on the bus introducing > action horror of a woman on the bus


woman on the bus there were incredibly odd actions after drivers wishing her a good day.

 The floor next to the escalator suddenly ' devoured ' girl > edge floor escalator suddenly ‘ devoured ‘ girls

A real woman suspected of being dropped after a broken floor tiles in front a subway escalator break chips.

 See the American surfing on flooded streets American Viewed > surfing on flooded streets

the video records the scene of those men enlist skateboarding on the streets of the vast flooding after the hurricane.

 Stream horrible intense lightning down the way people stood watching the 5 m clay Flow > horrified way down the heavily viewed 5 m

a man have to face death when turning camera on stand the storm making a stream of extremely strong lightning was only about 5 m.

 Tuk tuk car over because crashing " " the elephant drive between the road flooded > tuk over because of crashing” elephant drive “middle of the road flooding

the tuk tuk speed on road sections flooded were suddenly flip horizontal because the tribe into a “elephant drive”.

 10 ' hot ' clip: horror Video wife husband fine tobacco addiction

10 ‘ hot ‘ clip: horror Video wife husband fine tobacco addiction

horror Video wife husband fine tobacco addiction; Action courtesy of baby girl 5 years cause the storm network; Pirates stunned shop owners were arrested after gun bullets, … is the hot clip for the past week.

H.N., (CGTN)


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