British water utilities admit they use divining rods to find leaks


Ten out of 12 water utilities in the United Kingdom admitted that their technicians use divining rods to find underground leaks or water pipes, in response to an investigation through science blogger Sally Le Page.

Dowsing is a centuries-old approach for locating underground water. Anyone looking for water holds two parallel sticks—or in some cases a single Y-fashioned stick—often known as divining rods while strolling in an vicinity where there could be water under the outside. The branches supposedly twitch when they’re over a water supply.

Remember the fact that, there’s zero scientific facts that this approach in reality works stronger than random chance. But Le Web page acquired a bunch of UK water corporations to admit that their technicians still hire the superstitious practice.

Le Web page heard from her father and mother, who reside in Stratford-upon-Avon, that a technician from their water business enterprise, Severn Trent Water, had been via a divining rod to determine regardless of whether to do work in the location. Curious, Le Page tweeted at Severn Trent’s Twitter account to peer if the utility actually had technicians via the age-historical strategy.

“We do have some techs that nevertheless have them in the van and use them in the event that they must,” the service provider tweeted. “Despite the fact that, we choose to make use of listening sticks and other tactics.”

Curious, Le Web page despatched inquiries to eleven different substantive water companies inside the UK. Amazingly, 10 of them proven that their technicians now and again use divining rods to become aware of leaks, even as just two—Northern Eire Water and Wessex Water—pointed out they on no account use the method.

This failed to sit nicely with Le Web page.

“You want to simply snort this off. Is just not it slightly silly that big firms are still by means of magic to do their jobs,” she wrote. “Aside from in the event that they get it fallacious, which can mean the variation between a complete town having risk-free drinking water or no longer.”


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