Accused of medical malpractice—an awful lot? The VA might possibly be the vicinity for you


The Department of Veterans Affairs has knowingly hired doctors with trails of misconduct allegations, licensing problems, malpractice accusations, and affected person settlements, in accordance with a latest USA At this time investigation.

The fact is, the newspaper suggests that the VA might also virtually appeal to afflicted medical professionals and clinicians due to the fact that it doesn’t require that they have got their own malpractice insurance. As a result, medical professionals dubbed too hazardous for personal malpractice coverage based on complicated pasts may additionally to find relief at the VA, the place malpractice claims are paid out through taxpayer funds.

Of their investigation, USA As we speak dug up 15 prior malpractice complaints and settlements towards neurosurgeon John Henry Schneider, who was hired in April by using the Veterans Affairs health facility in Iowa Metropolis, Iowa, with an annual salary of $385,000.

The malpractice situations stretch lower back to 1997, simply months after Dr. Schneider obtained his clinical license in Montana. Court cases and complaints allege that Schneider’s surgical procedures left one affected person paralyzed, one more with extreme brain damage, and countless with botched backbone operations and extreme agony. One patient misplaced bladder and bowel keep watch over after Schneider performed three backbone surgical procedures.

In 2014, the Wyoming Board of Remedy revoked Schneider’s license following a wrongful death suit filed by the loved ones of one of his former sufferers. If that’s the case from 2011, Russell Monaco, a father of two, had surgical treatment to scale down pressure on nerves in his scale down back. Later on, he changed into discharged—in spite of dangerously low blood-oxygen degrees—and prescribed a lethal mix of narcotics, including fentanyl, oxycodone, valium, and Demerol. He took the drugs as prescribed and died at home the next day, devastating and traumatizing his spouse and children, the lawsuit alleges.

“I attempted to wake him up and yelled and the girls got here down screaming,” his wife, Kathy Monaco informed USA Right now. “It turned into horrible, I imply, I live that day over daily.”

Still, Schneider held a scientific license from Montana and continued to observe. Later in 2014, he filed for financial disaster, leaving malpractice pay outs in limbo, such as repayments to the Monaco loved ones.

Getting by using

In an interview by the paper, Dr. Schneider denies any wrongdoing and blames colleagues or uncontrollable medical issues.

In a assertion, the VA talked about that Schneider had disclosed “the entire concerns” in his job application and was hired after a “crew of his medical friends safely reviewed” his file and “approved his competency.”

In light of USA At present’s investigation, although, VA officials decided that Schneider’s hiring become illegal. Company spokesperson Curt Cashour stated that supplier officers supplied the Iowa City health center with “unsuitable guidance” about Schneider’s hiring. The VA moved to fire Schneider ultimate Wednesday, however he resigned earlier than time.

Schneider isn’t the purely questionable appoint from the VA, the investigation chanced on. Journalists dug up a string of others. Those comprise the hiring of psychiatrist Stephen Lester Greer in 2013 to a VA health center in Muskogee, Oklahoma, in spite of the state’s board taking quite a few disciplinary actions in opposition to Greer until now. One in all those disciplinary moves become for sexual misconduct. Greer went on to sleep with one in every of his VA patients.

In 2004, a VA medical institution in Lafayette, Louisiana, hired a psychologist with several prison convictions. He become fired beforehand this yr after complaints racked up and an inside investigation deemed him a “direct chance to others.” A VA medical institution in Jackson, Mississippi, hired ophthalmologist Daniel Okay. Kim, notwithstanding disciplinary moves against him by means of Georgia’s medical board. In 2006, a surgical procedure by means of Dr. Kim left a WWII veteran blinded. In 2012, Kim allegedly implanted the incorrect lens in a further patient’s eye.

VA sufferers who spoke by the paper noted that they deserved more advantageous.

“Right here the veterans—they went and served their u . s . a .—they usually’re tousled and everything,” pointed out Michael Inexperienced, who is watching for a malpractice fee from Dr. Schneider for an allegedly botched backbone surgery. “And then turn that guy unfastened on them—that’s what doesn’t make sense.”


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