Video: See our full interview with NASA astronaut Victor Glover


In pulling collectively our interviewee listing for “The Top-rated Leap,” we knew we wanted to speak now not simply to the luminaries who made Challenge Apollo a actuality 50 years in the past, but also to contemporary-day astronauts. After all, the NASA we now have today owes its existence to the gap race of the Nineteen Fifties and ’60s, and in lots of techniques, that is still the same company that put people on the Moon. (However, as all of us take a seat the following on Earth with no moonbase above our heads, this is clear that the supplier lacks the followthrough most people predicted it to have.)

We were especially fortunate to be able to take a seat down for an hour or so with Victor Glover, an completed aviator and look at various pilot who changed into an astronaut 4 years in the past. Glover’s point of view on the cutting-edge state of the astronaut corps and the way NASA operates gives you a captivating window into what this is wish to be an astronaut now—and what it can had been like to teach for that voyage from the Earth to the Moon.

Checklist photograph with the aid of James Blair / NASA


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